EPM offering Hyperpro BMW Telelever Suspension Kit

Publish Date: 
Dec 6, 2013

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. -- EPM Performance Imports, the exclusive U.S. importer of Hyperpro motorcycle suspension products, is offering Hyperpro's new BMW Telelever Street Box Suspension Kit, an all-in-one box of front and rear shocks that revitalize suspension compliance to improve comfort and handling.  

The BMW Telelever Street Box has everything needed to replace high-mileage shocks containing worn-out parts that have lost bump-absorption effectiveness. As an alternative to a complete suspension overhaul, the kit's components can make a difference in suspension action, cornering and braking.

Introduced during the EICMA show in Milan, the kit can be used on bikes with BMW's optional ESA system, but riders forfeit this function.

The Telelever Street Box comes complete with Hyperpro's advanced, emulsion-type shocks. The 360-series up front and 460 model at the back have steel bodies, 16mm chromium shafts and come with purple or black rising-rate springs. The shocks offer 45 positions of rebound damping adjustability and infinite preload settings; the rear shock has a convenient hydraulic adjuster.

Each box also includes a suspension manual and bike-specific setup data. Live phone support from EPM's Hyperpro technicians is available for installation and setup help.

Street Boxes are also built for BMWs with conventional forks. Each includes a single rear shock, fork springs, fork oil, fork seal grease suspension manual and bike-specific setup data.

Vehicle Fitment: 26 models of BMW sportbikes, standard and sport-tourers, model years 1992 to 2014

MSRP: $1,199. For dealer margin information, contact EPM

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on springs. Five years on shocks, including free first service

Press image courtesy EPM