Eric Buell: 'Things can?t be much worse than from where we came'


Erik Buell, of Erik Buell Racing, on what insights he got from 2010.

Dealernews: How was your 2010?
Buell: Well, I can give you a quick synopsis, since we don’t fit into the conventional OEM business model anymore. 2010 was a start-up year for me and the new business. So it can’t be compared to prior years, obviously. But 2009 was the abyss for me when Buell was shut down. However, all through 2010 we have made small steps towards coming back. Hopefully starting at the pit of the sportbike industry may mean that things will look good to us for some time to come. There can’t be much worse than from where we came.

DN: Would you have done anything differently in 2010?
Buell: Not much I would have done differently. We basically had the crystal ball telling us from the beginning that we had to start from ground zero. If anything, I would have hired people sooner to get things done that were needed.

DN: What’s the plan going forward into 2011?
Buell: We will be doing new things in 2011, but they won’t be because of what we learned from 2010 so much as just being the next logical steps. We had to do things in 2010 to get ready for 2011, and we’ll have to do more in 2011 to get ready for 2012.

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