Eric Herrmann Offers Custom 'Garage Art'

Publish Date: 
Aug 4, 2009

ARTIST ERIC HERMANN is known for immortalizing classic vehicles in his works – which can sometimes fetch upward of $40,000 per piece. For most of us, the steep price tags are what make us avid admirers and not owners, especially in this economic climate.

Herrmann’s answer to this dilemma is “Garage Art,” a line of affordable pieces for the general public. Works start at $400 for original paintings and $500 for custom works for people who want their own bikes depicted. Dealers can display and sell these custom works in their stores for potential buyers.

Paintings are done on 16”x30” panels of sheet metal, which Herrmann coats with black paint and paints in a “reverse fashion,” he says in a press release. “[They’re] Kind of like a Velvet Elvis or Jimi Hendricks (sic) poster from the 60s and 70s,” he says. Panels are clear-coated to protect paintings and then framed. Herrmann says the process will take less than two weeks to create.

For more information, contact Herrmann at 888-200-6554 or visit