Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay Lets Customers Take a Gamble

Publish Date: 
Dec 18, 2009
By Beth Dolgner

PLENTY OF MOTORCYCLE dealerships offer end-of-year sales, but Euro Cycles of Tampa in Florida prefers to make things a little more interesting for their customers. Instead of a traditional sale, the BMW dealership offers an annual Gambler’s Sale.

During December, the store gradually increases discounts on new and used motorcycles and merchandise each week. New bikes are only discounted $500 the first week of December, but they are $1,000 less by the following week. By the last week of the month, new bikes carry a $2,500 discount.

Likewise, a 10 percent discount on merchandise increases to 50 percent, and a $100 used bike discount progresses to $500 off.

The sale applies only to bikes and merchandise already in stock, so customers must gamble on whether or not an item will still be on the showroom floor at the end of the month, when the discounts get really deep. Customers who like to play conservatively will come in early for the lower discounts, but risky ones will hold out for the best deals.

Parts are not included in the Gambler’s Sale, but nearly everything else is. Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay promises that if it’s on the showroom floor, a customer can gamble on whether to buy it now, or take a risk and wait.