European maker of Sava tires finds U.S. distributor


Sava, a Central European manufacturer owned by Goodyear, now has a distributor in the U.S. offering the firm’s motorcycle, scooter and moped tires.

Delticom North America of Portland, Ore., has begun to carry the brand. Delticom is a subsidiary of a European tire retailer and wholesaler, and operates U.S. retailer

Sava has recently launched several new products such as new motocross tires (the Terracross SX10 and SX20), new minicross tires (the Terracross SX30) and new maxi-scooter tires (the MC38 Max Scoot). All are available now.

Sava says that to improve safety of scooter riders, it’s developed a new technology called OGT (Optimal Groove Technology), which is being first applied in the new maxi-scooter tires. “The OGT enables safe riding in all directions,” the company claims in a press release.

But Sava’s “main future project is the development of radial motorcycle tires,” says the company, which will use “its own radial technology.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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