Even a small Indian restoration shop has to downsize with the times


You wouldn’t say Jeff Grigsby is hiding out, but you could call the 9,500 sq. ft. barn that houses his Indian Motor Works restoration shop a mountain hideaway. Even so, he's about ready to downsize.

Grigsby says he's sold the property and plans to move to a smaller location by October 2013.

Grigsby says he’s restored more than 125 Indians as well as many other motorcycles in the small shop nestled in the Pine River Valley north of Bayfield, Colo. But even a lot of locals don’t know his shop is there.

“This is such a great area, though,” he told the Durango Herald. “There are a number of entrepreneurs – people who are not moving here for the money or getting transferred. They do just amazing stuff.”

Grigsby, 57, has accumulated tools and machinery from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s to buff, bend or smooth metal parts, as well as a huge vintage parts inventory. He also has a glass case full of Indian memorabilia, including patches and trophies.

“We’ve been told by people who travel the world and go to all the different dealerships that nobody is involved with it on this much of a comprehensive level,” Grigsby says. “We’ve got the literature, memorabilia, jigs, and dies and fixtures and toolings, and all kinds of things that enables us to build a better product.”

Posted by Holly Wagner