Exhibitors From 40 Nations Due at INTERMOT 2008

Publish Date: 
Mar 24, 2008

In 2006, for example, 506 exhibitors from 33 countries presented products from the parts/accessories segment; 299 companies from 25 countries exhibited products in the clothing/riding equipment segment; and 254 companies from 22 countries exhibited vehicles. That's a lot of walking.

The matchmaking tool can be used to connect with one exhibitor, a selected list of companies or even with every supplier in a specific product group. The exhibitors then respond by e-mail, allowing for appointments to be made in a targeted manner, even before the event.

Find a complete rundown of information at INTERMOT's website.

INTERMOT Non-Trade Visitors
…134,276 visitors
2004…105,715 visitors

INTERMOT Trade Visitors
2006…52,363 visitors
2004…45,306 visitors

INTERMOT Trade Visitors, Regions Of Origin
37% of all trade visitors came from abroad
U.S. …7%
U.K. …6%