Export Now helping Harley-Davidson in China

Publish Date: 
Aug 6, 2014

AKRON, Ohio – Want to sell stuff in China? Harley-Davidson reportedly did, so it sought help from an Akron startup that represents U.S. companies working to break into the Chinese market.

Export Now, founded in 2010, is a relatively small player in the global e-commerce market compared to players like eBay, Amazon and its overseas counterpart, Alibaba. The company serves specialty U.S. retailers by creating a presence online for U.S. luxury goods.

The company manages websites for about 50 American brands, including Harley-Davidson since signing a merchandising deal earlier this summer Export Now CEO and co-founder Frank Lavin told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Lavin, a Canton native, and general counsel John Hoover, of Hudson, helped start the company out of an office in Akron, but the company operates its largest office in Shanghai. The article said the company’s expertise in international trade regulations and can fast-track paperwork and procedural requirements that might stump an in-house web department.

Export Now also represents the NFL in China.