Facebook contest helps Woods Fun Center plan for March 22 Bike Night Kickoff event

Publish Date: 
Mar 15, 2012
By Holly J. Wagner

When Bike Night season kicks off at Dealernews Top 100 dealer Woods Fun Center in Austin, Texas, March 22, guests can expect food, fun, vendors and giveaways. The management will know what to expect, too – the largest kickoff event to date, they say – partly because their social media efforts are working both ways.

The dealership has used Facebook to solicit RSVPs in the past, but this year for the first time they set up a special giveaway exclusive to those who RSVP on the dealership’s Facebook page.

“There is more buzz around going online and Facebook RSVPing because only those who reply on Facebook are entered,” says marketing manager Monica Van Cleeve. “Last year we revamped out bike nights. We have a pretty large following now. A lot of our customers have been waiting for the kickoff.”

In turn, the RSVPs help the dealership plan for crowds. “It helps a lot with parking. If we have over 100, we’ll know to open up the extra sides of our parking lot for the bikes. We know where to put the exhibits. We can move our stage to accommodate the bikes,” Van Cleeve says. “If 100 people RVSP, at least 275 to 300 will show up.”

Based on RSVPs, she knows what to tell food and other vendors a few days before an event, and she says, “It helps us know how many promotional items we will need.”

For this year’s Bike Night Kickoff, the dealership has booked a popular local cover band that will also boost attendance.

“We have a really popular 14-person band here in Austin called Sauce. They are going to be performing for us. We tried to get them last year but they were booked,” Van Cleeve says. The band has a broad repertoire of Pop/Rock, Oldies, R&B/Hip-Hop, and hits from the 70s and 80s to please a wide range of ages.

Of course an event wouldn’t be complete without food. This year the dealership will have hot dog catering truck Evil Wiener to serve up their locally famous dogs, from traditional hot dogs to their own wiener twists such as the “Tex-Mex” with guisada and the Greek-style “Olympus.” They also serve a “Brownwood” corn dog, Queso Fries and other treats.

Giveaways at the event include helmets, Go Pro cameras, track day certificates, restaurant gift cards and basic motorcycle rider courses. One drawing will be conducted from only Facebook RSVPs.

The event, from 7 to 10 p.m. March 22, is expected to be the biggest to date.

“The kickoff is always one of our bigger events. People are ready to get out and ride and be around others who are riding,” Van Cleeve says. “They are just ready for that warm weather.”

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