FAMI Continues To Combat IPR issues

The Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries (FAMI) is hoping to stamp out intellectual property rights violations by combining a task force and multinational marketing campaign with greater law enforcement efforts.

FAMI's membership consists of seven motorcycle industry associations in Asia, including ASIS (Indonesia), MASAAM (Malaysia), MDPPA (the Philippines), SMCTA (Singapore), TAIA (Thailand), TTVMA (Taiwan) and JAMA (Japan). FAMI is a member of the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA), an organization also including motorcycle industry associations from the United States, Europe, India, Australia and Canada.

FAMI created an Intellectual Property Rights Task Force three years ago in response to observations that the greatest number of motorcycle-related knockoff products come from the nations represented by its members. Since then, FAMI member organizations have focused increased law enforcement on copiers and implemented a multi-prong marketing campaign designed to educate consumers in each country.

Designed to oversee the efforts of FAMI member organizations, the Intellectual Property Rights Task Force held its third IPR Symposium in Bangkok in April. The fourth IPR Symposium is scheduled to be November 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, IPR Task Force members plan to evaluate the actions of member organizations and devise an action plan for the next three years.