Family business? Authorities arrest mother of Oregon chop shop suspect


Authorities in Clackamus County, Ore., are taking a dim view of what appears to be a family business built around a chop shop and drugs.

LaDray Dean Forks, 31, was arrested in April but bailed out with $8,000 the police believe are ill-gotten gains from a chop shop in Damascus.

Last Thursday they arrested his mother, Michelle Lynn Wilsonm 50. Clackamas County Detective Jim Strovink said they found more stolen motorcycle parts, heroin, methamphetamine and an unlicensed liquor distillery at her property in Damascus, according to KGW, which also has photos of the suspects and some of the evidence.

Wilson was arrested on drug charges. Her son, Forks, was rearrested for additional theft charges and for being a felon in possession of a firearm for a gun that was found in the home while he was living there.

Posted by Holly Wagner