Family shop offers motorcycle repair, tattoos... and facials

Publish Date: 
Mar 25, 2014

SALEM, Ore. – When customers stop in to Big J’s Bikes & Pain, they can choose from a list of service options, ranging from oil changes to tattoos and facials.

At this family-owned and -operated shop opened in September 2012, Johnny Huff and Fingers Jones offer motorcycle repair and service, Huff’s daughter Heather Pozniakoff offers the facials, and Ty “Rook” Asylum provides ink.

The family bought the shop site after landlords turned them down, skeptical that they could make a go of the combination.

“A lot of people we were trying to rent from didn’t like the idea,” Tricia Huff, who runs the administrative side of the business, told the Statesman-Journal. “People kept turning us down.”

For the most part the pain is in the tattooing part of the business, but the esthetics side of the business can fall into the “no pain, no gain” category: the menu includes waxing and microdermabrasion, as well as basic and spa facials and makeup application.

Posted by Holly Wagner