Fargo Harley-Davidson to host book signing May 22


Author Kris Palmer and photographer Jerry Lee will be the guests of honor when Fargo Harley-Davidson hosts a Book Signing and Bike Show May 22.

Owners and fans of unrestored motorcycles are invited to bring their own bikes to show off and meet Palmer and Lee, collaborators on Motorccle Survivor.

Exceptional unrestored bikes from Fargo collectors Del Hofer and Deke Diegal, featured in the book, “Motorcycle Survivor,” will be on display, as well.

Palmer hunts down motorcycle and car stories for books, newspapers and magazines. He has written four books and hundreds of articles. His books are available on Amazon.com. Photographer Lee’s images of motorcycles, cars and people appear in Sports Illustrated, The NCAA News as well as newspapers, books and magazines.

Posted by Holly Wagner