Five OEMs Announce Recalls

Piaggio is recalling 850 units of its 2006-2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 500 scooter equipped with Bitron fuel pump/fuel filters. The fuel hose connecting the fuel filter to the fuel pump/fuel filter mounting flange may come loose. If this connection is loose, or has become completely disconnected, there will be a drop, or loss of, fuel pressure to the engine. A drop or loss of fuel pressure to the engine could cause the engine to stall increasing the risk of a crash.
Dealers are asked to install hose clamps to secure the existing fuel hose at both ends to the fuel pump and fuel filter. These fuel pumps/fuel filters were manufactured in Italy.

BMW is recalling 365 units of its 2005-2006 HP2 Enduro motorcycle. The front threaded fastener of the paralever link may not have been tightened to correct specifications. If the fastener was not tightened according to specifications, it could loosen. Over time, it is possible for the fastener to separate from its housing. If this were to occur, then the final drive of the motorcycle would not be properly supported. If that happened, motorcycle handling would be compromised increasing the risk of a crash.
Dealers are asked to remove the front threaded fastener of the paralever link and replace it with an improved fastener.

Buell is recalling 624 units of its 2008-2009 XB12XT and 2009 XB12XP motorcycles. The windshields may become dislodged and allow the windshield to either strike or distract the rider while the vehicle is being ridden at a high speed.
Dealers are asked to remove the windshield's two rubber mounted nuts and install two new fastener assemblies.

Buell is recalling 140 units of its 2009 1125CR motorcycle. These motorcycles can experience a premature failure of the rear cylinder cam chain tension guide (Part No. F0020.1AM). This failure can cause plastic debris to block the oil pump screen, possibly leading to oil starvation and engine seizure. This condition may result in rear wheel lock-up. Dealers are asked to replace the rear cam chain tensioner. These tension guides were manufactured in Austria.
In June, Buell recalled 1,579 units of the 1125R because of 5th gear galling on the clutch shaft due to lack of lubrication that could result in the gear to seize to the shaft and result in a rear wheel lock-up.

Ducati is recalling 289 units of its 2008 Desmosedici RR motorcycle. The fuel tank drain and breather hose clamps may be installed incorrectly. This nonconformity may cause the fuel lines to weaken and break, resulting in damage to the motorcycle and a potential hazard to the rider. Dealers are asked to replace the fuel filler drain hose, the fuel breather hose, and the hose clamps.

Kawasaki is recalling 5,804 units of its 2008 KL650E8F and KL650E8FL (California model) motorcycles. The turn signal stalk(s) can break, resulting in the signal assembly hanging by the wire harness. Dealers are asked to replace all four turn signal assemblies.