Flat Tire Defender product sponsor for Gas Gas' Stuckeys

Publish Date: 
Sep 23, 2013

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. - Flat Tire Defender has become the Official Tire Insert for Gas Gas Off-Road and Sherco Off-Road North America. Flat Tire Defender also will be the tire insert product sponsor for Clay Stuckey and his son, Zach, as well as for their demo ride program.

“It’s an exciting time for our company and to be affiliated with such a strong off-road racing and demo program. We’re proud to be part of their team as Gas Gas & Sherco brands are high-quality products, and it’s a perfect fit for our FTD products,” stated Frank Stacy, president of Flat Tire Defender.

“We are very happy to have Flat Tire Defender as a sponsor of our Gas Gas and Sherco demo rider program and for our personal racing program as well. I no longer have to bring spare wheels to a demo ride or race because I know that we will not have any flat tire issues,” Clay Stuckey said in the press announcement.

The Off-Road Motorcycle Inserts have a "multiple piece" design that can be used with a variety of tire brands and sizes. The inserts replace the inner tube, so no air is used. "The major advantage of Flat Tire Defender over competitors' products are lower price point, longer shelf life, light weight to reduce un-spring wheel weight, adjustable tire stiffness to improve traction, and sized to fit numerous tire sizes and tire brands," the company stated.

The Gas Gas enduro dealer network numbers about 60 in the United States.

From a press release. Posted by Mary Slepicka