Floods keep Nashville service departments busy


Recent flooding in Nashville damages hundreds of vehicles, and that’s keeping service departments busy.

Tow truck drivers towed 180 vehicles from Interstate 24 after the storm, according to News Channel 5.

At Bost Harley Davidson in West Nashville, mechanic Josh Black showed a reporter the dip stick and water flowing out of the transmission of a motorcycle.

"It should not be up this far on the dip stick, and you can see, you can see the white. That's the water mixing in with the oil," Black explained.

Several Harleys damaged by the flood were lined up for repairs.

"I would say the majority of them could be brought back to life," he says.

Insurance companies are choosing to total many vehicles because the repair cost exceeds the value of the vehicle. A Nationwide Insurance agent said a vehicle totaled by the company is given a salvage title preventing a resale.

Posted by Holly Wagner