Florida city commission approves scooter, repair shop

Publish Date: 
Dec 5, 2012

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. – Partners Garry Dodds and Adam Bergman are busy setting up Precision Motorsports of America after winning City Commission approval to display scooters outside the store.

Precision Motorsports of America will sell and repair a wide variety of scooters, and will order parts for all types of motorcycles and ATVs.

“We got our conditional use permit last night, and we just got our business license today, so we’re official now,” Dodds told Safety Harbor Patch. “We will sell scooters, trikes and bikes, not limited to any brand or model ... but our primary focus is on the sales and service of scooters.”

Dodds reportedly has more than 25 years of motorcycle repair experience and Bergman used to run a scooter rental company. 

Posted by Holly Wagner