Florida dealer offers free gun with motorcycle purchase

Publish Date: 
Feb 25, 2013

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. – Now that's gunning your engines. With all the attention focused on the nation’s gun laws lately, one powersports dealer has found a way to grab some of the spotlight: Pinellas Powersports is offering a free handgun with every bike purchase.

In its new ad, the store offers a free gift card for a gun from Shoot Straight or Walmart with each motorcycle purchase.

Usually “search engine optimization” means seeding keywords that will make your site appear in more search results. Ron Pownall reversed the idea, choosing a top search term trend – “guns” – as the spark for his promotion.

“The idea for the commercial 'buy a motorcycle for a free gun' comes from the No. 1 trending thing on the Internet right now," Pownall told Bay News 9. “We’ve received over 100 phone calls this morning from customers wondering about the terms and conditions."

Even though he's taken hundreds of calls from people for and against the terms and timing of the ad, Pownall said the timing for his business is just right. “We think the timing is awesome, because it’s the No. 1 subject people are talking about,” Pownall said. “We like to have the conversation about this because we feel like we’re losing our rights, and we want to stick up for that.”

Posted by Holly Wagner