Florida police continue to pursue dirtbike burglar gang

Publish Date: 
Jul 16, 2013

MIAMI, Fla. – South Florida authorities are taking to the skies in the hope of catching a band of burglars who have hit at least a dozen stores, crashing a pickup truck into them and making off with dirtbikes.

Miami-Dade Police Department has a policy not to chase speeding riders, so the department is using helicopters to try to track the bandits.

“From our perspective it’s very aggravating because they know what our limitations are,” Lt. Zack Larson told CBS4.

In most cases, the group of burglars uses a stolen pickup truck to ram through the doors, gates and windows of the targeted business. Surveillance cameras have captured the robbers bypassing more expensive bikes and heading straight for the off-road models, then speed off. In some heists they have gotten away with up to nine motorcycles.

“These are not thrill-seekers; these are people that are professionals,” said Top 100 dealer Broward Motorsports manager Phil Bohi, whose store was hit last year.

Posted by Holly Wagner