Florida police discover big chop shop, but is it related to two dealer burglaries?

Publish Date: 
Dec 17, 2012

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Police are asking the public for help finding the burglars who struck at least two dealerships in October.

Authorities believe the culprits in an early morning vehicle burglary at a condominium complex Nov. 14 may be the same ones who crashed a truck through the service bay doors at Broward Motorsports around 4 a.m. Oct. 29. An hour earlier, the same crew was suspected of taking two motocross dirt bikes from Dos Reis Motorsports in Miami.

There have been some arrests and some property returned, Fort Lauderdale Detective DeAnna Garcia told the Sun-Sentinel.

Broward Motorsports general manager Phil Bohi believes the suspects had previously visited the dealership. "They were incredibly efficient and you can't be that tactical without planning it," Bohi he said.

North Miami Beach police announced Dec. 12 that stolen, used motorcycle parts stacked floor to ceiling, perhaps from 100 bikes, were recovered Nov. 30 from a "chop shop" inside a North Miami Beach home. Authorities called it one of the largest such shops ever found in South Florida and said a GPS device led cops to the chop shop, where two men were arrested.

Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Anna Diaz has asked anyone with information about motorcycle burglaries to call 954-828-5574.

Posted by Holly Wagner