Florida vintage custom shop moves to new, bigger home

Publish Date: 
May 28, 2013

WYNWOOD, Fla. – Some people wonder if vintage is just a small, scattered niche, and if not, where is it hiding? The guys at 76hundred Vintage Custom Motorcycles know where.

The vintage custom shop has been growing so steadily, it just made its third move three weeks ago and is planning a grand opening celebration June 1.

"It started as a hobby," Rodrigo Rey del Castillo, founder of 76hundred, told the Miami New Times. "I built my first bike for myself when I was renting an apartment and as soon as I finished building it, it sold. Then somebody else saw it, they contacted me, and said 'I want you to build a bike,' and I sold that, then another and another and another, and it became a business."

The shop, which takes its name from the ZIP code in Argentina where del Castillo and his partners grew up, has had two other homes since it moved out of the home garage, each time getting a little bigger.

The owners say their secret to success is keeping it real and affordable. They won’t work on a bike made after 1980 and they charge labor rates below the area’s average.

"The reason this all started was so that we could build motorcycles for people that want to ride on a daily basis," partner Mateo Chirino said. "Your average young guy who just wants to ride can't afford to drop 25 grand on a motorcycle. So our bikes range between $6,000 and $12,000, for the most part, and we have a two-month turnaround.”

Posted by Holly Wagner