FLY 805 boots mesh high design with affordable price

Publish Date: 
May 24, 2002

Italian design.  American technology.  Asian manufacturing.  These are the three basic ingredients for FLY Racing's 805 boots - a product that meshes competitive design, practical features and an economical price.  "We're offering a European level of quality from our Asian factory.  A lot of people have made boots in Asia before, but we offer the only MX boots with double-stitching on the outer soles."

Quality is controlled by way of FLY Racing's exclusive production line.  "We can control the level of detail and technology," says Baisley.  "In doing that, we have been able to come up with a darn good boot at a reasonable price."  How reasonable?  Suggested retail is $109.95.

Quality for that price is what FLY Racing Gear is all about.  The line started with handlebars and chest protectors, growing to include helmets, clothing, ramps, stands and other related items.  According to Baisley, the goal is to offer a really good product with a reasonable price point while maintaining strong dealer margins.


The marketing theory is simple.  Rich or poor, there are some folks who just enjoy feeling like they got a good deal for the money.  "Consumers are smart today," explains Baisley.  "They know quality, and they also want to find a decent price.  At the same time, we feel it's important that the dealer has as much margin as possible, so we try and put those two together in this product."

If you are looking for pro endorsements as a selling point, FLY Racing is the helmet sponsor of Yamaha's Tim Ferry and Suzuki's Danny Smith.  They are also the helmet and apparel sponsor for Suzuki's Branden Jesseman and Danny Smith, as well as the LCR team of Ryan Clark, Keith Johnson and Kevin Johnson.

Despite the competitive price point, FLY's 805 boot is by no means short on features.  "It has 4mm thick leather construction and a 73-degree durometer sole," says Baisley.  "The shape of the sole is designed so you can walk in it comfortably, yet it slides well in the corners and still grips the pegs.  The boot is made of very good quality leather, and it has been tanned correctly.  The tanning on the 805 doesn't want to lift off - it's not a spray-painted type of feature, if you know what I mean."

Another impressive addition is the adjustability of the buckles.  FLY runs a longer buckle strap to fit riders with a wide range of calf sizes.  "You can also remove the inner sole, and there's a lot of padding and protection around the ankle," Baisley adds.  "It has exterior calf and exterior ankle protection on the inside, which is found on a lot of the high-dollar boots."  The ring around the top of the boot is pigskin, which the FLY folks say helps prevent chafing.

The boots are also designed for the long run.  Various replacement kits are available, including a new buckles-and-pins kit.  To further extend the mileage of these boots, the toe caps are replaceable, as are the inner soles, buckles and straps.  There's even a replacement outer sole available.

Boot sizing also allows for an impressive list of options.  Baisley explains: "They go from a youth 13 clear up to an adult 15."  Then there are the three color combos:  Black/blue, black/red and black/gray.

FLY is distributed in the U.S. via American Cycle Supply, Blue Sky Cycle Supply, Marshal Distributing, Trick Products and Western Power Sports. - Clark Emery