FLY to start shipping Leatt-designed Valor brace in December

Publish Date: 
Oct 19, 2012

BOISE, Idaho - FLY Racing in December will start shipping its new second-generation Valor Neck Brace engineered by Leatt. The Valor combines state-of-the-art Leatt neck brace technology with FLY Racing’s cutting edge graphic design styling, the company reports.

The Valor brace features:

  • A sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit
  • A lower front section for helmet clearance when riders look down or to either side
  • A one-piece, fracture-engineered CoreFlex rear thoracic strut for improved comfort and fit
  • An on-board, three-angle rear thoracic strut adjustment that requires no extra parts; and
  • Body-matched rear thoracic strut angles of 5, 10 or 15 degrees, depending on brace size.

In addition, the brace has four-way adjustability for comfort and fit, an engineered collarbone cutout, side-mounted paramedical-designed hinges, a height-adjustable rear table to match different helmet clearances and riding positions, a redesigned clear strap, and removeable clip-on padding. 

The CE-certified (PPE 89/686/EEC) brace comes in black/white, red/black, blue/black (shown above) and orange/black. MSRP: $359.95

Posted by Mary Slepicka