Former Austrian diplomat building custom bikes in New Hampshire

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2012

HARRISVILLE, N.H. – It was a long road to Harrisville for custom builder and former racer Walt Siegl.

The former Austrian cultural attache moved to Harrisville from New York five years ago to start Walt Siegl Motorcycles in an old textile mill building.

"It's always a jump in the cold water when you start your own business, especially after my career in the foreign service, where there are safety nets built into the job," he told the Boston Globe. "I felt confident that since I was doing something that I was good at and loved to do, everything would work out."

He makes about four custom bikes a year, designing the bodies himself, and powering them with Ducati and Harley engines. Prices are $50,000 and up, though Siegl says he is building a limited edition run of about eight bikes, "The Walt Siegl Superlight," that will be priced at $30,000.

Siegl built a bike commissioned by Puma for display in its stores. He's also working on a line of shoes for Puma, and a leather racing jacket in collaboration with Puma and Vanson Leathers.

Posted by Holly Wagner