Former employee allegedly skimmed thousands from New Orleans H-D

Publish Date: 
Dec 11, 2013

METARIE, La. - A dealership employee has been arrested and charged with stealing $25,500 from New Orleans Harley-Davidson, but authorities say the full tally may reach $114,000.

The woman, arrested at her home Dec. 6 and booked for theft valued at $1,500 or more, allegedly used the money to cover her rent and other expenses.

The dealership declined to comment about the case to the New Orleans Times-Picayune Tuesday. But according to a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report cited in the newspaper, store management contacted the Sheriff's Office after the woman admitted taking about $4,000.

It's not clear what position she held at the business, but her duties seemed to have included handling the store's deposits, according to the report. She confessed to recording the correct deposit amount at the store, but she would pocket some of the cash before it made its way to the bank, the report said.

The woman initially told detectives she stole about $3,000 each month since June to "make ends meet," the arrest report said. She later changed her story and admitted to taking more. Detectives believe she took closer to $4,250 per month. The dealership is still conducting audits, but told Sheriff's investigators they are missing about $114,000, the arrest report said. The woman has denied taking that amount. She was released Saturday on a $30,000 bond.

Posted by Holly Wagner