Free ATV Safety Institute web graphics promote safety

Publish Date: 
Jul 2, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. – The ATV Safety Institute is offering free informational graphics urging current and potential riders to seek formal training, refresh their riding skills and be safe for the Fourth of July weekend.

“Getting proper training through ASI’s ATV RiderCourse and regularly refreshing your riding skills will help guide you in staying safe and having fun on ATVs,” said ASI vice president Tom Yager. “Following the ASI’s Golden Rules every time you ride is key in preventing crashes and injuries. We urge dealers, ATV enthusiasts and journalists to promote the Golden Rules by embedding the ASI’s Golden Rules graphics on their websites and sharing them on social media.”

ASI’s Golden Rules graphics are available for download on Be sure to hyperlink the images to when embedding them on websites.

The ASI also recommends that ATV riders take the free, interactive E-Course at as an introduction to riding controls and skills for novices or as a refresher for experienced enthusiasts. Three age-specific online courses are available: one for adults, another for teens and one for children.