French rider opens motorcycle-only bookstore, sells abroad

Publish Date: 
Jul 24, 2014

PARIS, France – It may be across the pond, but enthusiasts in the United States can still order books for American coffee tables and more online from a motorcycle-only bookstore in Paris.

Libramoto, the brainchild of a rider, is importing books printed by English and Italian editors as well as selling French books. Customers can also find motorcycle-related comics, DVDs and blu-ray discs, small-scale models and model kits. Information, collectibles, education and more.

Titles offered include books such as National Geographic’s 500 Dream Routes, 50 Years of Russian Motorcycles, Brough Superior – The Complete Story, Casey Stoner’s Pushing the Limits and Victory Lap, or the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Guide.

Titles cover every aspect of the biking world: racing, history, biographies, technical, touring, art and more, including calendars and official apparel such as baseball caps and T-shirts. See the choices in the Libramoto photo gallery.