Fulmer Urges 'Don't Ride Ugly'

helmet fulmer ugly website marketing

FULMER HELMET'S CHEEKY MARKETING campaign involves a plea to those who ride hideous medieval-themed bikes and who wear awful plastic helmets designed to fit a certain hairstyle (see photo): don't do it.

These and other common faux pas are what prompted the helmet manufacturer to launch its website, www.dont-ride-ugly.com, to expose what it calls "Ugly Riding Syndrome," in hopes of embarrassing these riders into submission. "Ugly Riding Syndrome is a serious epidemic sweeping the nation. Most victims don't even realize they are affected," the website laments.

The site features user-submitted photos and videos of the guilty parties, and each month, Fulmer reps choose the top two offending photos and award the photo's submitter (dubbed the "anti-ugly crusaders") a free Fulmer Helmet. Fulmer dealers can pass the word on with "Don't Ride Ugly" stickers, available through Fulmer Helmets.