Galfer lets you improve ABS performance on ZX-10R

Publish Date: 
Sep 11, 2013
By Bruce Steever

OXNARD, Calif. - Many riders seem to turn a wee bit Luddite in the face of the various new technologies that are making their way onto two wheels, often because they fear that they’ll lose the ability to modify, customize or otherwise improve their mounts.

When fuel injection replaced the humble carburetor, riders quickly learned that EFI actually gave plenty of customization options.

The same applies for ABS – just because your customer's new sportbike has an advanced antilock braking system, it doesn’t mean that a rider isn’t able to improve the bike braking performance.

Galfer strives to provide stainless-steel brake line kits for all current motorcycles, and that includes ABS models. For Kawasaki’s latest ZX-10R, Galfer has released a four-line brake line kit ($131.28) that offers the same benefits compared to conventional rubber lines that riders have come to expect on their non-ABS rides.

Brake feel is improved thanks to reduced line expansion, which gives the rider better feedback for street or track and still permits the ABS modulator to watch the rider’s back when the road surface goes awry. And Galfer’s tough stainless-steel lines offer a durable style that will likely outlast the motorcycle.