Garage-built choppers sought for Smoke Out 13 bike show

Publish Date: 
Apr 25, 2012

Biker Pros will host a ride-in show for builders of all skill levels at Smokeout 13 June 22 and 23 in Rockingham, N.C. Billed as “the greatest ride owner-garage-built-ride-in-bike-show in the world,” the show has only one class: chopper.

Choppers of all varieties are represented, including bobbers, Swedish Chops, Rock-a-Billy Chops, and various engine configurations such as Sportsters, metric engines, Shovelheads and Evos.

Ten winners will be selected. All winners are featured in the pages of The HORSE Backstreet Choppers Magazine. One winner among the 10 will receive a 3-Guyz Springer front end for his or her effort.

This is a ride-in show, so the organizers advise that “the quickest way to discredit your chopper is to tow it in.” Registration for the show will be during the Smoke Out at the Smoke House.

Check for updates.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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