Gas prices may be a factor in Nashville scooter thefts


Authorities in Nashville, Tenn., are blaming high gas prices or a rash of motorcycle and scooter thefts at A-1 Funcycles.

Tom Ward has faced tough times and several challenges at A-1 Funcycles has been broken into and burglarized several times. Owner Tom Ward has upgraded security and is working with police to further improve security.

"The security systems have been upgraded three times. And we do have extra security and some patrol security going on so we do feel we've got a handle on what's happening," Ward told WTVF-TV.

The business is fenced and gates are kept locked. But authorities speculate gas prices are making the scooters worth more risk. Metro Police told the station they've been checking on the business several times each night.

A-1 had to recover after the area it’s in was submerged in seven feet of floodwater last year.

"A lot of people thought we went out of business and we actually got right back on top of it when the water receded," Ward says.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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