Genuine Scooter Co. Offers 'Cash for Small Clunkers' Program

Publish Date: 
Aug 25, 2009

GENUINE SCOOTER CO. today announced a national "Cash for Small Clunkers" program.

While Genuine is not subsidizing the "Cash for Small Clunkers" promotion, Genuine dealers who sign up for the program with the manufacturer are prepared to offer a $300 cash credit towards any Genuine scooter product in exchange for any titled two-wheeler that can be rolled or driven into the dealership.

McCaleb says dealers interested in becoming involved in the program should make sure:

  • people bring in titled (in states that require them) merchandise, and have them sign a waiver indicating that the scooter, moped or other motorized vehicle is not stolen and that they are the legal owner of said vehicle;
  • to limit the offer to one two-wheeler per customer to avoid potential scammers;
  • to make sure you keep and re-sell at profit some of the outstanding product that may arrive as an exchange;
  • to contact your state DMV or local authorities to make sure your offer is consistent with any laws that may seem neolithic or designed to impede those offering to make deals. "Texas, California, Florida, and Ohio come to mind, though there are others,” McCaleb says.

"This is designed to be a fun, not-so-serious spoof on the government's recent Cash for Clunkers program," McCaleb says. "Some Genuine dealers have already started their own 'Cash for Clunkers' programs and have had great success. Mike Frankovich, the creative owner of NOHO scooters in Hollywood, Calif., recently aired his version of this on YouTube and has had great results. That's why we decided it was time to get involved."

Genuine dealers with questions are asked to contact Trey Duren, National Accounts Manager at 303-523-4422, or Roy Park in dealer development at 773-271-8514 ext 230.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert