Gerbing's parent company buys Duck Head Apparel

Publish Date: 
Nov 6, 2013

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Heated clothing maker Gerbing has a new sibling brand: Duck Head Apparel, an outdoor clothing company founded in 1865.

“Duck Head will be offering an array of timeless classic pieces that have come to define recognizable southern style. The company plans to offer a full lifestyle assortment to include: khakis, knitwear, denim, wovens, sweaters, outerwear, t-shirts, headwear and accessories,” according to new parent company Prospect Brands, LLC.

The Duck Head brand was conceived long ago, after brothers George and Joe O'Bryan opened an apparel wholesale business after returning home to Nashville, Tenn., from Civil War duty. “The brothers' innovative trouser design, cut and sewn from the closely woven tent material known as duck, was later trademarked as Duck Head. More information is available at

Prospect Brands is a partnership between McCarthy Capital Fund V and Tom Nolan. McCarthy is an Omaha-based private equity firm focused exclusively on lower middle-market companies.  

Posted by Holly Wagner