German couple opens The Metal Works in Texas


Custom builders Uwe and Marian Brennig may have set a record for how far they moved to open a new business. The pair had a motorcycle business in Bavaria, but in November they opened The Metal Zone Inc. in Killeen.

The couple values the relative freedom of U.S. motorcycle laws and regulations.

"In Germany, you have a book of regulations this thick," Uwe told the Daily Herald, showing about 5 inches between his thumb and forefinger. "Here, it's this thick," and he shows about an inch and a half.

The couple got an investment visa to start a business and settled in Killeen "because there's a lot of business here, there are a lot of nice places to ride, and it's in a central location between Dallas, Austin and other big cities, convenient to everything," he says. "There's also a lot of rotation at Fort Hood, so there are a lot of new potential customers all the time."

The shop does maintenance and custom work, and is ready to hire a part-time service technician. They import materials from Germany to cut and shape into insect and dragon heads, "anything you might want," he says. "I make the parts fit the frame. Most shops just order parts. If we don't have a part, I can make it, and it can be basic and inexpensive to as elaborate as you want."

"Every piece I do is unique,” he says. “Working with what customers want, I can live my wishes. You can really play."

Posted by Holly Wagner