Get this: Roland Sands Design's 2012 apparel line


You may remember back in July where we broke the news that Roland Sands Design was launching an exclusive new apparel lineup. (If you don't, click here for a reminder.)

Well, the veil has finally been pulled back on the RSD 2012 Apparel Collection. The lineup is hitting the motopress in the next couple days and the company is actively seeking out a selection of "critical" dealerships to carry the line, which features limited-edition leather and textile jackets and a main line of leather jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, gloves, wallets, belts, accessories.

What's the scoop? "Besides a complete and truly unique product assortment, we are offering great margins — 50 points, right out of the gate, plus a group group of RSD-designed in-store fixtures and branding materials," says Roger Sgarbossa, RSD general manager.

The apparel line is split into two different categories; a Limited Set and a Main Set. The former borrows a cue from RSD's custom bikes by merging timeless motorcycle heritage with modern functions and components. The pieces come in either waxed cotton or oiled and waxed leather, and one jacket — the Assault — is built from a combination of wool and leather.

The latter is a mix of everyday riding gear made from leather or a heavy duck canvas, all in styles that echo any era of motorcycling. Many of the pieces — from both sets — come armor-ready, with pockets for protection in the shoulders, elbows and back.The casual gear is a collection of hats, tees, hoodies, and other shirts sporting various RSD logos. Accessories include a billfold, a tool kit and a line of wallets, all built from the same leather from the Limited collection and called what RSD dubs the "Gentleman's Starter Kit."

Lest we carry on too much about the RSD lineup, here are some words from the company itself:

Trying to define the 2012 Roland Sands Design apparel collection is a study in contrasts. In fact, it is almost easier to say what it is not rather than what it is. RSD outerwear isn’t over-embellished, over-branded or over-the-top; instead it is more about making the wearer look tasteful and selective while keeping the rider protected. RSD riding and casual wear offers a positive spin on the spirit, history and design of motorcycling. Think of it as style, with sleeves and armor.

“It’s hard to put what we have done into any one category, just like it is hard to categorize the unique crew of individuals who have played a part in the design,” admits bike builder-turned apparel innovator Roland Sands. “The collective riding experience of this group has come together to create a true rider-built apparel line that focuses on quality and style.”

From the waxed cotton and oiled leather of the RSD Limited Set riding jackets to the Main Set offerings for everyday jackets, to a comprehensive collection of gloves, tees, thermals and hoodies, the 2012 RSD apparel line has something for the fashion forward as well as the seasoned rider. “The RSD line is riding gear built with a parallel of fashion and function,” Sands says. “Removable armor, well placed sew lines and pockets, flex materials, unique patterns and soft collars all play into creating a comfortable and stylish piece. We’ve really paid a lot of attention to the details.”

There is even the “Gentleman’s Starter Kit” range of wallets, belts and dopp bags. The oiled leather of the Limited Collection has been used to create a complete line of durable, beautiful and functional accessories with a focus on keeping it thin. Much like every custom RSD bike, the merging of heritage and modern components creates the perfect combination of style and function.

“Our designs are for the guy who appreciates the subtle details that make an heirloom piece, something you’ll have for many years with high quality materials, hand built and manicured. Our jackets actually break in to the wearer and it’s cool because in time it becomes your second skin," Sands says. For a look at the entire collection, or to get a copy of the finely tuned 40-page Apparel 2012 catalog, click on Available only through authorized RSD dealers and motorcycle friendly boutiques.

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