Giant Loop redesigns Buckin' Roll Tank Bag

Publish Date: 
Feb 20, 2014

BEND, Ore. --  The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag by Giant Loop has been re-envisioned and redesigned for 2014, the company announced.

The minimalist tank bag, named for saddle pads used by rodeo cowboys, is modular, customizable and trim, targeting dirt, dual sport and adventure riders who don't like tank bags but need riding essentials handy and out of the way, even when standing on the footpegs to tackle off-road terrain, the company noted.
The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag packing system has three components which can be used individually or in any combination: mounting harness, center tool pouch case and Pannier Pockets. The complete option includes all components, while the center-only option includes the mounting harness and center case.
The 2-liter center case secures to the harness with two included cam buckle straps. Two 2-liter Pannier Pockets attach to the mounting harness and tank, shrouds or engine guards.

Pannier Pockets also are available separately, and can be added to Giant Loop’s Fandango/Diablo Tank Bags, or used independently.

From a press release. Posted by Vince Guerrieri