Gibbs Amphibians rolls out two-up Quadski XL

Publish Date: 
Jun 30, 2014

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Gibbs Sports Amphibians has added the two-person Quadski XL model to its lineup.

In addition to seating for two, the XL has 11.8 inches of additional wheelbase, is nearly a foot longer than the solo Quadski and has increased storage capacity, the manufacturer announced.

"The new Quadski XL expands the envelope of go-anywhere recreation with an even greater capacity for freedom, flexibility and fun," said Gibbs President and CEO Noel Lane. "Our dealers are excited about the addition of the XL to their high-speed amphibian lineup."

The 2014 Quadski and Quadski XL each feature larger hood-mounted air scoops that boost engine cooling and overall performance, along with new, more resilient front bumper systems and larger sponsons. Both models have durable, lightweight composite hulls, patented water jet technology, and are equipped with a 1.3-liter BMW Motorrad engine and transmission.

"Our high-speed amphibians feature a unique retractable suspension system that provides a superb ride and nimble handling on land, and retracts in seconds after entering water," Lane adds. "It's a patented design that allows Quadski to transition between the two environments in less than five seconds,” Lane said.


From a press release