GoldenTyre grows thanks to nimble moves in niche segments

Publish Date: 
May 30, 2013
By Bruce Steever

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - GoldenTyre is a fairly new addition to the American marketplace, having established its U.S. office only last year. Founded in 2004, the Italian tire firm has been expanding its reach thanks to the ability to listen to customers and target niche markets quickly and effectively.

Because of GoldenTyre’s small size compared to the huge multinational tire companies, it is able to turn around new product quickly and bring development feedback from top factory riders to the customer much faster. 

GoldenTyre focuses primarily on off-highway and racing tires, with applications for motocross, supermoto, flat track and so on. One of the its most popular tires right now, the GT 216 X ‘Gummy’ tire (see image, right), highlights the company’s ability to attack niches quickly. The Gummy tire is a super soft racing enduro tire built with the grippy rubber typically found in a trials tire.

“With the Gummy tire, we are earning a winning reputation in Europe,” said company representative (and former racer) Stefy Bau. “Racers are learning that you have to have a GoldenTyre to be competitive.”

On the street side, GoldenTyre also looks for niches to fill. Its GT70/71 Ducati Paso tire pair (rear shown, left) is another example. By creating a modern tire option for the Paso’s odd (by today’s standards) 16-inch wheels, GoldenTyre earned a loyal following from Paso fans. While these small niches aren’t the key to global sales domination, it gives the small Italian firm strong footholds to earn customers.

“It’s a matter of looking at niche needs, running the numbers and then deciding to go,” explained Bau. “But the owner of our company likes to make people happy, so that [influences] the decision.”

With less than a year here in the U.S., Bau and GoldenTyre spend much of their time approaching dealers and building social media presence. Word of mouth also helps. “The type of customer we see is very informed, and when they cal, they already have knowledge of the product,” explained Bau. “We are confident enough to make the right recommendations from there.”

Dealers considering GoldenTyre will find that it's fairly easy to sign on.  “We are really trying build up the dealer network and we like to be one big inclusive family, so contacting us right now is very simple: send an email and we will send back our dealer application," Bau said. "Our buy-in is only five tires to start, with improved margins for greater orders that start at 30 percent and go up to 50 percent.”