Goodson tool cuts open oil filters for inspection

Publish Date: 
Jul 17, 2014

WINONA, Minn. - The recently redesigned Oil Filter Inspection Tool from Goodson cuts open an oil filter after an oil change or high-stress engine operation (for example, in a racing environment), allowing users to inspect the filter for trapped contaminants that influence engine problems.

"After running a race, you should run a flow test, but this can be expensive and take time," said Chris Jensen, tech services representative at Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders. "Cutting open the used oil filter [with this tool] is the next best thing."

Most oil filters will trap contaminants larger than 24 to 30 microns, although some can trap particles as small as 1 micron, Jensen said in the company's press release.

"When you inspect the oil filter, you can actually see what is getting trapped," the company added. "This can be anything from silicone sealants to broken mechanical parts to worn materials and more. Metal shavings can point you toward [a] mechanical problem that could cause total engine failure."

For those who want to get even more technical, a sample of the contaminants can be placed on a microscope slide and examined. Jensen suggested checking out a hobby or toy store for an inexpensive microscope.

The Goodson Oil Filter Inspection Tool is part No. FIT-1-G and comes with a single blade installed. Replacement blades are available.