Grease Lightning Motorsports to sell Johnny Pag bikes


The Grease Lightning “speedy oil change” chain in New York has opened a dealership to sell Johnny Pag Motorcycles.

“We offer some great new full-size bikes that look like big cruisers but get 65 miles per gallon,” owner Ben Thompson, whose company, Grease Lightning Motorsports, is the authorized dealer of the Johnny Pag brand in Western New York, told the Daily News. “And they’re priced in such a way that you’d save enough in fuel economy to pay for the bike.”

The Johnny Pag bikes —called Spyder, Barhog, Pro Street and Raptor-X — start at around $3,900, and range from 300cc to 140 cubic inches.

The price and fuel economy fit into Thompson’s marketing strategy. “We’re not targeting those who would buy a Harley, but a whole different market — entry level, women, students; anybody on a budget,” he says.

To promote the new business, Grease Lightning will give away a Johnny Pag cycle Sept. 12. “All you have to do is text the word ‘grease’ to 55469,” Thompson says. “This will put you into our VIP Club where you can get discounts and free offers, and automatically qualify you to win the motorcycle.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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