Grote introduces flexible LED lighting film


Now available in commercial versions is Grote Industries’ LightForm flexible LED lighting film, which can be used to create custom light schemes on motorcycles and other vehicles.

“At less than 1 millimeter thick, LightForm flexible LED lighting film enables users to quickly and easily install LED lighting in tight spaces that were previously inaccessible to vehicle lighting and can even be sewn into fabric," John Grote, VP of sales and marketing, stated in a news release. “Now customizers and restylers can achieve fantastic interior and exterior LED lighting effects that were simply unthinkable.”

According to Grote, the film is ultra-thin and ultra-pliable, allowing users to bend lighting around corners, over contoured areas and into complicated shapes. He noted that LightForm can be folded, cut to fit while lit and can slide into the narrowest crevices and between panels and trim. LightForm also enables users to achieve edge lighting effects that are as bright at one end as they are at the other, and when used with light-diffusing film, eliminates the hotspots and bright points of light that are so often associated with traditional edge lighting methods.

LightForm LED strips come in power strips and extension strips, and each power strip can illuminate up to two extension strips.

Each LightForm flexible LED strip is 10 inches long, a half-inch wide and less than 1 millimeter thick. LightForm flexible LED strips are expandable. Up to three, 10-inch segments can be connected, providing up to 30 inches of red, amber, green or blue LED lighting. The strips come with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing that sticks to almost any clean surface.

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Grote said that in preparing LightForm for exterior applications, Grote engineers subjected the product to a rigorous battery of stress tests including salt baths and extreme humidity, heat and cold. During a media conference at last month’s SEMA show, Grote took a lit sample out of a container of water and, after cutting it with a pair of scissors, began administering blows with a ball-pein hammer.

“LightForm flexible LED lighting film is manufactured in the United States,” Grote said. “The assembly process is based on patented technology that requires advanced, state-of-the-art engineering, equipment and manufacturing capabilities.

“LightForm is the first branded product of its kind and is backed by over a century of Grote’s experience and integrity,” Grote added. “So, whether you’re putting LightForm on a car, boat, motorcycle, truck, RV or something more exotic, you can rest assured that Grote has engineered it for top performance.”

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Posted by Arlo Redwine