Guinness Book bestows ATV parade record -- 1,870 -- on Rocky Mountain Jamboree


The Guinness Book of World Records has declared the 2009 ATV parade at the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree to be the longest on record, at 1,870.

“After numerous attempts to contact Guinness, it was great to receive the official certificate naming us as the new record holder,” Jamboree director Kevin Arrington told the Richfield Reaper. “It took longer than we expected, but we welcome the news and hope our new record stands for a long time.”

Arrington thinks it took so long for Guinness to officially approve the record was because there were several other groups trying for the same record during that time period.

Until Monday, the official record for the largest ATV parade was 1,632, held by the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota in Silver Bay, Minn., set July 13, 2009.

Posted by Holly Wagner