H-D Canada Overhauls Dealerships


Harley-Davidson Canada is attempting to enhance its dealer locations through a design and merchandising program that projects the "excitement" of riding a Harley. The OEM has been working with Stantec Architecture, a design firm based in Vancouver, B.C., to extend the riding experience into a dealership's interior space.

"We used raw industrial materials along with larger-than-life local imagery to put the buyer on the road," says Stantec project architect Mark Travis.

"The new stores represent a departure from the way in which motorcycles are traditionally sold," adds Aileen White, retail environment manager for H-D Canada. "We're making a direct connection between the Harley-Davidson retail space and the excitement of owning a Harley."

Three Canadian dealerships had been converted by the end of 2007:

  • Trev Deeley Motorcycles, Vancouver – Full retrofit. The 60,000 sq. ft. space was peeled back to its steel structure so that designers could introduce new steel, wood, glass, acrylic, rubber, stretched fabric and stained concrete, layered and juxtaposed in varying combinations. Regional-themed imagery and materials were intermingled with H-D branding.
  • H-D of Edmonton, Alb. – New addition. Nearly 8,000 sq. ft. of space was added for a vehicle showroom and merchandise sales area. Architects incorporated large, curved graphic walls depicting local scenes with the owner's Harley drag racing images.
  • H-D of Prince George, B.C. – Renovation. The service garage was turned into a new sales area, featuring a suspended ceiling of stretched fabric that creates a focal point in the center of the store and provides definition to the vehicle display area. Oversized Harley graphics brought the Motor Co. brand into the store.

For more information, visit Stantec at www.stantec.com.