Hadayia and team strengthen Biker’s Choice, Twin Power portfolios

Publish Date: 
Jul 22, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

FRISCO, Texas - Charlie Hadayia Jr., director of Biker’s Choice business development, has been leading a revival of the V-twin brand and distributor now for 30 months and has a number to prove it: 6,500-plus new parts added between the 2011 and 2013 catalogs.

The number corresponds to a 28 percent increase in parts.

Dealernews spoke with Hadayia for the latest developments during the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show here that ended Monday. He spoke not only of Biker’s Choice and its suppliers, but of house brand Twin Power, which his father created in 1983.   

Hadayia came on board in January 2011. At the time an industry veteran of 22 years, he had spent the previous 12 years working for S&S Cycle. Since then he has been busy adding vendors and making product and marketing changes to the in-house lineup.

“There were a lot of things that historically we either tagged it in the catalog as Biker’s Choice or Twin Power as a brand, and it was coming out in a white box, kind of like a dollar-store item,” Hadayia said. “You can’t do that. And there were items that were truly dollar-store items that needed to go away.”

Hadayia spoke of a “serious refocus to make sure that what’s in the portfolio is good stuff.”

The most popular items branded Biker’s Choice are handlebars, and in 2014 all of them will be made in the United States. “Right now it’s a 50/50 split,” Hadayia said. “We’re going to bring it back to America for a multitude of reasons.”

Other Biker’s Choice-branded items are lighting products and brake lines, though the latter soon will be rebranded Twin Power — just one move in Hadayia’s big plans for Twin Power, which this year features a new logo and packaging -- for example, clamshells for brake pads.

“When I came to the company, they had pretty much been in the process of killing the Twin Power brand,” Hadayia said. “Nobody in the organization knew anything about the history and lineage of the brand. Twin Power was the first one to come out with their own private piston, their own oil. That brand has equity.” (continued)