Harley-Davidson Gives Extra $500 for Trade-Ins of Other Brands

Publish Date: 
Dec 7, 2009
By Arlo Redwine

Effective Dec. 1 and lasting through Jan. 31, Harley-Davidson will boost the value of a trade-in by $500 if the trade-in is not a Harley or a Buell and is going toward the purchase of a new 2008, 2009 or 2010 motorcycle made by The Motor Co.

Promotion for the new program won’t begin for another couple of weeks, but it was mentioned during a press conference this past Friday at the Long Beach, Calif., stop of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows.

A Harley spokesman said nearly every dealer is participating, adding that the company created the program because a lot of people don’t know that Harley dealers take in trades of other brands. He didn’t have the program’s details on hand, but said he believed the trade-in can be any two-wheel motorcycle at least 150cc in size and below a certain age. Other than that, he said, there aren’t many rules.

In addition to conquest sales, Harley is renewing its marketing focus on women. The company is pushing all its dealers to have at least one Garage Party (a Harley-structured event for women) in March. The spokesman said that by having the party early in the year, it gives women time to take a training class before buying a bike during the selling season.

To promote Garage Parties at the International Motorcycle Shows, a Harley rep will be teaching attendees how to lift a fallen motorcycle with their butt and legs. The demonstration is one of four steps in a typical Garage Party.

“The reason that this is so important,” the spokesman said, “is because one of the main barriers to women entering the sport of motorcycling, not just riding Harleys, but entering the sport of motorcycling, is ‘What would I do if the bike went over?’ In Denver we were doing this demonstration. A woman did it. She got up after she had lifted the bike, she turned to her boyfriend and said, ‘Now I can ride a motorcycle by myself.’ So think about the life-changing experience that could be.”

The other three steps in a typical Garage Party are learn about the motorcycles, learn about the gear, and learn about the accessories.