Harley-Davidson integrates Connect CRM system with DMS


Harley-Davidson has given its dealers a technological assist by integrating its customer relationship management (CRM) system, Connect, with its TalonES dealer management system.

“It’s the only true CRM/TalonES integration in the market,” Kathy Koshgarian, manager of Vehicle Sales Excellence, stated in a press release. “The integration will eliminate duplicate entry of customer information and make it easy to access the latest information dealers use to create deals for quoting and selling motorcycles.”

The integration was just one enhancement Harley-Davidson made recently to Connect. Others include outbound e-mail capabilities, automated pre-sale follow-up activities, multi-sales process templates, and the ability to import customer and sales opportunity data from any existing CRM system.

As a result, the company claims, in past six months it has signed a “significant number” of new license agreements with dealers, making Connect the most used CRM system among Harley dealers.

Designed by Harley-Davidson for its dealer network, Connect was launched in August 2007. Connect gives dealers direct access to Harley-Davidson-qualified leads. Dealers also benefit from sales process tracking and auto-populated follow-up activities.

Harley-Davidson claims that Connect dealers who have been on the system for at least six months are performing better than the rest of the dealer network in new motorcycle sales and customer satisfaction survey scores.

The company says that over the next several months, Connect will continue to grow.

“Harley-Davidson is committed to providing the best CRM system for our dealers,” Jeff Merten, VP and general manager, North American Sales, stated. “We know we have an excellent resource available in Connect. Our goal is to implement Connect throughout the Harley-Davidson dealer network to ensure that we’re providing our dealers with everything we can to make them successful when it comes to customer relationship management.”

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Posted by Arlo Redwine