Harley-Davidson of Ocean County joins TestRide lease program

Publish Date: 
Feb 21, 2012

Harley-Davidson of Ocean County has joined finance company Chrome Capital’s TestRide leasing program, designed to put more riders on Harley-Davidsons.

Chrome’s TestRide means the New Jersey dealership’s customers can lease a Harley for two or three years with no further obligation. When the TestRide period comes to an end, the customer can purchase the bike or simply return the bike to the dealer. At this point the customer has options, not obligations.

“Being first to market in NJ with the TestRide lease affords us an advantage to generate incremental revenue even before our season officially starts. Chrome is a solid group with a great product that does what its supposed to do: improve monthly sales figures”, says the dealership’s GM, Noreen Miller.

“TestRide builds in a predictable turn, and the customer is happy because they don’t end up with any negative equity when they want to upgrade, says sales manager Ron Mitro. “Take a look at Rider’s Edge graduates as an example. They are excited about riding, and TestRide makes it really easy for them to jump on a bike at good rate, with no to low down, grow into it, and then upgrade – it's painless.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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