Harley-Davidson sells Milwaukee data center, outsources IT

Publish Date: 
Jul 27, 2012

FRANKLIN, Wis. - Harley-Davidson Inc. has sold its data center in Franklin for $8 million to NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp., a Japanese company with offices in Colorado.

The Motor Co. decided recently to outsource much of its IT work to India-based Infosys, which is setting up its own data and training center – it’s 18th in the United States – for the job. The deal is a five-year contract.

Infosys is hiring some of the 125 laid off workers from Harley-Davidson’s information division and will have 125 workers at its Milwaukee facility, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The move won’t be far; the existing facility is expected to house some of the Infosys operation.

Posted by Holly Wagner