Harley-Davidson Tri Glide gets the Progressive Suspension touch

Publish Date: 
Mar 1, 2012

Progressive Suspension has come up with a solution to the unique handling challenge presented by the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide. With forks like a two wheeler and a cornering dynamic much like a four wheel vehicle, the Tri Glide required a fresh approach to improving ride quality.

Progressive has mated a pair of high pressure gas charged monotube damper cartridges with progressive rate springs tuned to the weight challenges — it’s heavy — of the Tri Glide. The result is reduced brake dive, improved bottoming control and increased front-end cornering grip, all in a tidy cartridge package that’s designed to last the life of the H-D three wheeler.

Progressive has also developed a new set of shocks for the rear of Harley's trike. The company has valved and sprung its proven 416 Series hybrid air/coil shock to suit the live axle on the Tri Glide and improved the ride height to help reduce dragging as well as increase ride comfort and improve bottoming control.

The combination of their monotube fork Cartridge kit and 416 Series Shocks will help the Tri Glide become a mile-eating monster, without adding undue cost or complexity. Available separately as front and rear packages. Check them out at www.progressivesuspension.com or contact your Progressive Suspension rep for more information.

Progressive Suspension press release posted by Dennis Johnson

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