Has TerraSport created the ultimate trailer for off-road customers?

Publish Date: 
Jan 9, 2014
By Bruce Steever

Where do you think TerraSport will sit compared to existing toy haulers?

Stephani: We knew that there wasn’t anything in direct competition, but people are obviously finding ways to get their stuff out now so we know there are alternatives — for the most part being enclosed trailers. We aimed to stay well below enclosed options, which typically run between $15,000 and $20,000. Our smallest trailer, the LT, starts around $12,000, our middle one around $13,000, and the largest unit, the XT, is $15,000.

"We're... working with GE capital right now to get them onboard for dealers' floorplanning and financing. I know that if I can get it out there and in front of customers, I'll do a lot better than showing people a catalog."

-- Scott Stephani, TerraSport

We’re also significantly lighter, and our smallest trailer fits completely behind a car, making it easier for folks with little towing experience — they won’t have to worry about running over curbs, for example.

Do you have accessories in the works?

Stephani: We got rails down both sides including 1.25 inch and 2 inch receivers for various mounts. We have fuel keepers and cooler keepers to lock down various sized containers, aluminum storage boxes and universal mounts for whatever you might already have.

We have “the shop” package, which has motocross guys in mind, and is designed to accept your existing toolbox as a workstation. And we have the “party kitchen,” with is upgraded with the event grill, designed to serve more as an event hosting setup. As time goes on and people suggest different things, we hope to have a complete range of accessories.


How do you plan to get to dealers?

Stephani: We have built the trailers so they break down — the verticals can break down to better fit in a box — but right now it’s basically break-even to put them on a truck and ship them whole. We’re still figuring all that out.

We’re also working with GE Capital right now to get them onboard for dealers’ floor planning and financing. I know that if I can get it out there and in front of customers, I know I’ll do a lot better than showing people a catalog.

We aim to get this ready for spring, giving time to soak in customers’ minds, as a purchase like this isn’t an overnight thing. The powersports lines are coming later, aiming for summer.

Press images courtesy TerraSport